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How we work

How does non-ferrous separation work?


Sorting installations

The recovery of non-ferrous metals is carried out at our own site through our innovative, self-managed sorting equipment which has been designed in-house. The sorting equipment is continuously adjusted to the non-ferrous concentrates that need to be separated. This makes Aerinnova a trendsetter when it comes to the precise recovery of pure non-ferrous metals from bottom ash.

Our sorting equipment processes the non-ferrous concentrates into 3 different fractions:

  • Aerinnova 1: sorts 0-12 mm of non-ferrous concentrate on the basis of density
  • Aerinnova 2: sorts 12-45 mm of non-ferrous concentrate using sensor technology
  • Aerinnova 3: manually sorts > 45 mm of non-ferrous concentrate

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From bottom ash to raw material

NRC Non-ferro Recovery Company

Together with our sister company, Non-ferrous Recovery Company (NRC), Aerinnova Aerinnova is able to carry out the entire processing chain of incinerated bottom ash

NRC operates internationally with the self-developed Phairon® machinery. This mobile separation equipment is set up on site in approximately two days. The separation equipment can operate fully autonomously and does not require any external utilities.

Thanks to constant innovation, NRC is able to achieve ever-higher recovery rates from metals. This leads to higher total yields of recovered metals and a more efficient reusable waste stream.

Together with NRC, we are able to manage the entire processing chain of incinerated bottom ash, from the separation of non-ferrous concentrates up to and including the sale of the metals.

All-inclusive service

Why you should choose Aerinnova

  • Capable of handling the entire chain from the processing of incinerated bottom ash to the sale of metals in collaboration with the Non-ferrous Recovery Company;
  • Separation of non-ferrous concentrates is possible from 0 mm;
  • Solutions for all conceivable metal mixtures;
  • Provision of all the necessary logistics and permits for cross-border transportation of non-ferrous concentrates to our locations;
  • Innovative sorting techniques which have been developed in-house;
  • A high level of quality and recovery of separated metals through the use of dry sorting techniques;
  • Use of residual bottom ash mineral for the concrete industry and road construction;
  • Highest recoverable grade from the metal concentrate.