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FD Gazellen 2023


After we ended up in the top 10 of the FD Gazelles 2022 as the VHB Group last year, we can now also call ourselves FD Gazelle International 2023. This year, for the first time, Het Financieele Dagblad presented an additional Gazelle prize: the FD Gazelle International Award for companies with international success. We are one of 54 companies that met the strict criteria. We have achieved this through the groundbreaking efforts of everyone at NRC Non-ferro Recovery Company, Aerinnova and Van Hemert Brakel, to whom we would like to thank!


Sorting of non-ferrous metals based on density, shape and composition

When processing bottom ash, non-ferrous metal concentrates are recovered, a mixture of non-ferrous metals and adherent bottom ash mineral. These non-ferrous metal concentrates need to undergo further processing in order to obtain pure metal streams, which can subsequently be sold as high-grade raw materials.

Aerinnova specialises in the recovery of various metals from non-ferrous metal concentrates.  By applying innovative sorting techniques to specific fractions, Aerinnova succeeds in recovering non-ferrous metals with a high grade of purity. Aerinnova separates the various metals on the basis of density, shape and composition.

The separated metals such as aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel are therefore ideal for supplying smelters. The residual bottom ash mineral can be used as a construction aggregate for making concrete or as a hardening material in road construction.

Aerinnova offers sustainable, cost-saving solutions whereby transparent work methods are paramount. This way we are able to offer our customers the highest possible value from the recovered metals.

Metals from waste

Innovative and sustainable solutions

Complete chain

Aerinnova can handle the entire chain : from coordination of required permits and administration,  transportation of non-ferrous concentrate, separation of non-ferrous concentrate, to the sale of the recovered metals.

Separation techniques

Aerinnova uses, among other things, magnetism, density and sensor technology to separate non-ferrous metal concentrates from 0 mm upwards.

Optimal yield

Optimal yield due to the high purity grade of non-ferrous metals, our customers have described our metals as being of extremely high quality!

Reusing non-ferrous metal

Circular Economy

Metals can be constantly reused as a raw material for new products. After the metals have been meticulously sorted, Aerinnova supplies the metals directly to customers in the metal industry in the Netherlands and abroad. Metal is remelted at various smelters back into raw materials for new products, which find their way back into the economy.

These recycling methods deliver CO2 savings of more than ninety percent compared to the mining of metals